Virtual Boxes

“Virtual Boxes” by Mirta Narosky

And … yes, I slip through life, walking multiple ways, unfortunately, trying to overcome the existential angst, swallowing life. She shows me, I looked at and study it; and-the more I observe – I have fewer answers. It gives me great pleasure.
It never runs out … never. So the images emerge from my reading of existence. So I learn and teach my ignorance. I make beauty on paper or cloth, but unlike other conventional beauty, the beauty of the anguish of being alive, the beauty of consciousness always alert, the beauty of fear and love … and hundreds more. It represents magic, ambiguity, unstructured … emerges in my pictures a sensuality that transcends me, because it’s just that what appears to me to create them.
Always doors, windows, steps to other realities, inviting to plunge; but even I do not know the place I invite the viewer.
In the manner of veils I am discovering the reality: the first tangible, distressing, hard ,superficial, violent; But that same-more inside- becomes another and another and another … I’ll never get to shift the last veil and that keeps permanently on my desire to see more.
Otherwise, the work, which can say it better than myself.

Critical text:

Do not kill Narosky Mirta’s work! – Luis Felipe Noé – Painter. Fine arts theoretician

Mirta Narosky exposes poems and paintings, that is, simultaneously says and shows.
What she says in a way it cannot be said of the other. She shows in the paint, what she cannot show in poetry. However both ways are interrelated because, after all, all painters have a soul and two languages: the painting and also, like all humans, the word.
In her poetry says, “it is difficult to pedal this world wounded values, ideals confused …”. Also she asks: “That my work does not die, neither do others, betting on the dreams and declaim chaos.”
All this anguish is in her art, but made fictionally three dimensional  although her works are two dimensional – where the world it is trapped. But there is always hope of escape. Irregular canvases and density of color and chiaroscuro, produces a double tension of distress and calm. Her original planning claims not to kill her work. And nobody’s going to kill them, but be grateful for her life.