Colored Drawings

“Colored Drawings” by Mirta Narosky

In this selection of images rises a struggle for the limelight among the artistic elements. The stars: color, line, atmosphere, space, light and the iconographic representation. Alternately succeed each other; I cannot stop the pleasure that gives me struggle on the canvas or paper and let them compete in the final result, facing my academic education that asks me for a decision.
But the work does its own way … not always gives rise to my “reason”.
Mirta Narosky- Master and Professor in Fine Arts.

Critical text

Miguel Angel Rodriguez – Art Critic.

The human figure can reveal the deepest mysteries of things. It teaches, for example, as a brick amalgam of mud and excrement, or why the movement of the stars is amatory. The human figure has a hidden and inscrutable power, stronger than any set of power cards or coins. It says why the egg is egg and sperm is sperm.
The whole secret knowledge of the drunk, the entire underground -sacred – mad alchemy, each of the complaints of the prophet. Everything. The “all” being undressed by images of women, men and children.
Mirta Narosky shows the highest and sublime of each real look, dialogue with the empty background, anguish and pain.
Is the synchronicity between my time and yours, suggesting the gap between the individual and the system.
In these images we see violation and search from who does not neglect or abandon drawing academic training.