She was born in Lanus, Province of Buenos Aires on October 20, 1959.

Since childhood receives national and international awards, including:

1967-3ª prize “Pavements”, Adrogue, Buenos Aires. (Out of competition not meet the minimum            age required).   

1968-1ª prize Argentine rock painting contest. Embalse Rio III, Cordoba.

1971-3ª international prize painting and engraving. Brussels, Belgium.

1972-1ª national contest prize spots in the province of Salta.

She has a Master degree in fine arts (painting orientation), received at the National University of La Plata.

She participated in over 1,000 exhibitions

1967/1980– Art Contest Municipal Hall of Lanus, Buenos Aires.

1987-Art Gallery Adrogue. Cultural Center San Telmo. Libertador Hall (sponsored by the French Embassy).

1988- “Flights” (3 watercolorists) General San Martin Cultural Center. Gallery Deus in nobis (1st prize drawing).

Gallery Pozzi (4 young artists).

1989- Cultural Center Malvinas. Channel 11 (TV). “Eros and Eve, a female vision of eroticism”, Tiempo Gallery Buenos Aires and Castagnino Museum (Mar del Plata).

1990– Women Art Contest in Department of Culture, Lanus (2nd mention), Lanus Town Hall.

1991– Youth Salon painting “Cinquantenaire” Avellaneda. Lanus address culture (honorable mention). Lanus Municipal Palace.

1992– II National Congress of artists “summit meetings” (San Juan) 500th anniversary of the discovery of America (Recoleta Cultural Centre). “On origins and identities” (ATC). Contest French Alliance, Alfredo Fortabat Center.

1994– Artempo Art Gallery. II Art Contest ICCED (Prov. Of San Luis).

1995-Art ba’95. Cultural Space do Banespa (Curitiba, Brazil). SAAP Autumn Hall, Andreani Foundation. IV international exhibition of contemporary art galleries (Guadalajara, Mexico). Spring Hall drawing, Paseo La Plaza. Puzzle (Arcimboldo Gallery). Mol’arte art gallery and C. Vidal arts-plate (Curitiba, Brazil). Room janira (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Giamma living cultural center opening (mention) and Autumn Exhibition (honorable mention).

1996– Shows itinerant “A bridge to illuminate the memory” (40 artists for human rights). The Spirit of the Beehive, Recoleta Cultural Center. I National Painting infinite art (satellite image). Avon Salon art museum Felix Amador (Lujan). Hall Jerusalem, Sivori Museum (3rd mention).

Artist’s book, Buenos Aires Gallery Space. Displays AIDS (Address. Of Culture of the Nation). Permanent exhibition, National Atomic Energy Commission.

1997-Organizes International Women’s Day. Artist exhibition convener Human Rights (international meeting), Recoleta Cultural Center. Artist book, Sivori Museum. Salon “Art in Retiro.” Art ba’97

Poets and plastic “Space Gallery Buenos Aires. First International Biennial of Art in Odessa, Ukraine (honorable mention). Grafa seven artists invited by the event “The jean, art and Piola”.

1998– Museum of Modern Art (Cuzco, Peru). Catholic University of Lima (Peru). “Book unemployment” (CTA). Museum of Fine Arts in Lanús. Museum former home of the Currency. II International Art Biennale, Odessa, Ukraine (2nd prize).

1999– Municipal Art Gallery “October 10”, Havana (Cuba). Homage to Artaud, Roberto Martin Gallery.        Video shows “Life Lessons” (TV) filmmaker Jorge Coscia, Borges Cultural Center. Hall of San Isidro (drawing references). Artist’s book, National Library

2000– “A work does other work” CCRecoleta. Alcorta Shopping inaugural exhibition. “Puzzle” in Belgrano to open. Art 2000. I ba Anti biennial international movement in Bs. As. (3rd prize). International Fair, Marbella (Spain). Selected for World Festival on paper, (Slovenia) .gal. Fra Angelico. Gal. Esmeralda. Gal. Centoira, Banelco invitation prize (3rd prize). “Hug cult. San Juan-Buenos Aires “(7 San Juan and 7 Buenos Aires invited by the Senate of the Nation) .Salón Blue National Congress.

2001– A 25-year-Strike, House .of the South Cult (Government Ciudad Bs. As).

“Great small format” (Gal. A.Budich). Mirta Narosky and 2 Cuban artists “In the table of all” Gal. Teodoro Ramos Blanco. (Havana, Cuba). “Embrace cultural and tourist San Juan-Buenos Aires” Blue Room National Senate. “Flags of Artist” Lanin street, Buenos Aires 300 plus 300, E. Sivori Museum of Fine Arts (Bs. Aires)

2002– “The Hamitic” 500 artists Cult Center, Recoleta. Tango in La Boca. Biennial “Anti movement” (Paris, France)

2003– Traveling exhibition around the world on the frigate Libertad. Erotic shows in Gallery Fish. Sample drawing and printmaking in Gal. Art XXI.

2004-University Lanús- “Transabasto” Little Summer Festival. Cultural City Konex

Displays and presentation of the book “City of Angels, the other view” (4 contemporary artists)

International Meeting of muralists (Gualeguaychú, Entre Rios)

2005– Galleries Art Fair “Art Classic” (Gal Visual XXI). At the Museum of Rio Gallegos Documents accompanying exhibition Jorge Luis Borges.

2006– Anniversary Shows Gal. Braque. (Hall 1 guest .Teachers)

4th International Championship of Tango (Sociedad Rural Argentina)

2007– Moderna07. Art Fair in Mar del Plata. Guest. WinArte. Bodegas and Artemis Pinamar

Women in Erotic Art. Palermo Soho- Contemporary Masters. House of the Province of Buenos Aires

International Women’s Day Ponce Boscarino Gallery (Guest of Honor) Gal. Space 10 (Special guest)

2008– Special guest at Night Gallery (downtown area) in Gal. Grebe and then in the archway of Posadas     and Gallery Night (Palermo area). Invited to Shanghai Fair (September); Itineró work to other exhibitions Las Vegas, USA and Germany. Exhibition “Towards the bicentenary” (selection of the most representative artists of all styles of Argentina) at Government House.

2009-Divine feminine duality. Gal. Palermo H.

Buy Permanent exhibition of work for Chateau des Reaux. France

2011-House of the Province of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero Night Gallery (special guest) –

Tribute to Facundo Cabral Yrurtia Museum and Gallery Museum Mainz RG Group Show

100 painters with Cristina UNPAZ

Barbarian six artists Professional Council of Economic Sciences

Art Ideas to her plate by the boys in Gal New World

Presentation “Vernissages Style” – Named Godmother of Artemis consultancy Square Complex

2012– Tribute to Facundo Cabral at Barbaro Bar.

Yoyós operated in Municipal Exhibition Center San Isidro

Special guest at collective exhibition Gal Vax

Tribute to Facundo Cabral Pipach Center-Villa Gesell

Tribute to Facundo Cabral at Barbaro Bar Gallery.

2013– “Los Barbaros in Salta” Museo de Bellas Artes, Salta.

“Los Barbaros in Adrogue” – Culture House of Almirante Brown, Adrogue, Buenos Aires.

“Homage to Jorge Luis Borges” – Culture House of Almirante Brown, Adrogue, Buenos Aires.

“Los Barbaros en UNLa” – Lanus, Buenos Aires

“Art x Women” in Espacio Colegiales Gallery.

Exhibition of students (works and objects) in A3 Gallery.

“Homage to Enrique Policastro” 50 artists in Hoy en el Arte Gallery.

“Classic Masters Argentinos” San Isidro Hippodrome.

Exhibition of my students in the Museum of Fine Arts School of Lanus. Coordinates Roundtable: Contemporary Artists.

Yoyós and bearings operated by artists, Lucy Mattos Museum

3 ° National Hall of Quilmes

“Kippah intervened” – Art solidario- Miskan

“Artists do Rio de Prata” Inatel Évora – Portugal

Los Barbaros at El Mensaje Gallery, Gallery Night.

Los Barbaros at the Barbaro Small Format

Juror in the 1st National Exhibition of painting. Municipality of Florencio Varela.

Delivery of a gruya operated by Mirta Narosky Rotary Ambassador of Japan (October only)

RiverArte- River Plate Museum .

Passage 17 -Urnas intervenidas- Contemporary Art.

Trade Year end: Sandra Lauría consultora- Palermo and Old Hotel-San Telmo (with students)

Collective exhibition Rio de La Plata 100 dread (Assoc. Plastic Artists). Portugal

Collective exhibition Dazler Tower Hotel, San Martin. Guest artists “Group Barbarians”

Argentinian Stand in Olhe Fair in San Pablo, Brazil.

2014– Los Barbaros at Chivilcoy, Museum of Fine Arts Pompeo Boggio, Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires.

Los Barbaros at the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

“100 souls united” – De las Pulgas Market, Buenos Aires

“13 artists looking for 13 beds” Show and auction to benefit the Hospital of Clinical- Hotel Panamericano

“Landscapes found”. Drawers tapped. Municipality of February 3 (and traveling)

Juror in International Exhibition of Erotic Photography “- Te mataré Ramirez.

“Two + One” Cordoba House in Buenos Aires (Perrota-Saenz, Córdoba -Narosky, Bs.As)

Classic Masters Gallery A3- Vicente Lopez (Boim, De Bairos Moura, Ponce, Ajler, Narosky)

Special guest on erotic shows Art Gal. Space 10

“15th Congress of Internal Medicine, Hospital of Clinics UBA Medicine: Humanism and Science Art, paints live and is part of the round table: “Functional disorders in medical practice”. Buenos Aires Sheraton Hotel.

Solidarity and Auction to benefit the SAAP Exhibition, Ciudad Bank.

Jury 1st National Exhibition of paint Gualeguaychú, Entre Rios.

“Let us make a work of art” (to benefit the Foundation Juanito child protection), Colegiales Space Gallery. 

Night of Art in Teorema.

20 ° Painting Exhibition Gallery Palermo Viejo Central 2014 Newbery

Displays the renowned group of artists “Los Barbaros” – College of Notaries Lomas de Zamora.

Collaborate with Culture Magazine articles NCN (National Congress News)

No 59 May; “Culture?”, No. 60 June, “Aesthetics with Ethics”, No. 61 August, “Will hide the happiness (Zeus)”

Coordinates panel of artists contemporaries Lanús Fine Arts.

2015– Hymn of the School of Fine Arts of Lanus. Author of the letter. (Also flag of the establishment).

Day of Women “Women for Peace”, Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Nation and at National Library.

Invited to ARDI. Art Fair at Palermo Hippodrome, Buenos Aires.

November: Conference “Being an artist today.” And exposure of his disciples “Intervene one Narosky!”, The Tunnel Cultural Center and Museum School of Fine Arts Lanus, Buenos Aires.

24th Municipal Art Contest “Luis Gauchi” (3º prize), Exaltacion de la Cruz, Buenos Aires.

“River Art” River Plate football club Museum.

2016– Manuel Belgrano Contest, Sivori Museum.

Thesis Contest, Central Newbery Gallery.

Provincial Contest, Mercedes, Buenos Aires.

Justice and Art, Gualeguaychu, Entre Rios.

Exposure to benefit Father Pep

Provincial Contest, Mercedes, Buenos Aires.

Justice and Art, Gualeguaychu, Entre Rios.

Exposure to benefit Father Pepe’s dining room, Metropolitan Exhibition Center.

Self-Identities (International) Laura Haber Gallery.

Spring Contest (1º mention painting, selected in drawing) San Fernando, Buenos Aires.

Carracini Contest (Drawing mention) San Martin, Buenos Aires.

Areatec Biennal Contest (Mention).

Contemporary Argentine Painting, Sophie Gallery.

Invited artist at the UNLam Biennal – Bai 2016.

2017– Conference and live painting at Poet Agüero house, Merlo, San Luis.

Tito Narosky’s Book ilustrations “Between Men and Birds”, Merlo, San Luis and Mina Clavero, Cordoba.

Invited artist at Art Fusion Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

Evora Museum, Evora, Portugal.

OEI Visual Arts Contest (selected only 16 proyects) Iberoamerican States organization.

Museums Night, MEEBA.

Solidarity Art Fair Lamroth.

4th National Art Contest “Art and Passion Xeneize” (2º mention) Boca Juniors Football Club.

26th Municipal Art Contest “Luis Gauchi” (Special mention of the Jury), Exaltacion de la Cruz, Buenos Aires.

25th Anniversary Nucleo de Arte Gallery (Master invited).

Intervened brick, donation to benefit MEEBA, Museum of the City of Buenos Aires.

Intervened Argentina by Artist, SAAP (Fine Arts Society).

2018– “Think the Gender” by AAVRA, Borges Cultural Center.

“Armazem Exhibition” Open Studio, Evora, Porugal.

Jury at Municipal Museum of Fine Arts Pompeo Boggio, Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires.

“Art without borders”, inauguration of New Art Space Siranush, Armenia Embassy.

“Por una cabeza… Varias miradas”, her students at Law School Buenos Aires University.

“Time of music” (poster image) Botica del Angel.

Invited artist as referent at the “Sculpture and Paiting Meeting” by Government Youth Department, Dolores, Buenos Aires.

Solidarity Art Fair Lamroth.

“100 years of Universitary law reformation”, 200 designers and artists for the Public Education, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Buenos Aires University.

Poet Juarroz homage, Palermo H Gallery.

2019– Three Gallery Casas de Sant Ana e de Sao Joaquim, Alentejo, Portugal.

“Los Barbaros en UMSA”.

Individual exhibitions

1987– “Watercolors” Cultural Department of Lomas de Zamora.

1988– School of Fine Arts of Lanus.

1989– Foundation Bank of Boston, Buenos Aires.

Itinerant shows northern Argentina.

Buenos Aires Sheraton Hotel.

1990– Traveling Shows at the headquarters of the Patricios Bank.

1991– “From the Earth and other planets,” ATC (Argentina Television Color).

1992– Municipal Museum of Fine Arts in Tandil, Buenos Aires.

1994– Buenos Aires Sheraton Hotel.

1995– Invited to “Nations and Fair” Shopping Spinetto.

1996– White Paseo, San Bernardo, Buenos Aires.

Emilio Saraco Art Room, Museum of Fine Arts, Neuquén.

Invited by Culture Direction of Catamarca (meeting of artists “Land of the Sun”).

1997– Directorate of Culture of Almirante Brown.

Invited by Culture Direction of Santiago del Estero, General San Martin Cultural Center, Termas de Rio Hondo.

 Invited by Culture Direction of Formosa, Province Theatre, Formosa.

 “Virtual spaces” General San Martin Cultural Center (room I), Buenos Aires.

1999– “Virtual real-contained boxes”, Space Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Museum of Fine Arts Pompeo Boggio, Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires.          

“Objects” in Yellow Loudness

2000– “Traces and faces” Adriana Budich Gallery, Buenos Aires. 

2001– “Between matter and spirit” in Alejo Carpentier Gallery, Camaguey, Cuba.

“Roots and tango”, open spaces for Art and Tango, Hotel Continental, Buenos Aires.

“Between love and horror”, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

2002– “Memories of the Riverside”, Conventillo Verde, La Boca, Buenos Aires. 

2004- “Snapshots of Life” Braque Gallery, Buenos Aires.

She made two murals at the Bauen Hotel (11 x 3 meters each), Buenos Aires.

2005– “Mirrors of the soul”, Crimson Gallery, Buenos Aires.

“Brand Art” (Art Fair), San Miguel Palace, Buenos Aires (with her students).

 Academic invited as Jury for competition Drawing teaching position at La Plata National University.

Buenos Aires artist invited by the International Meeting of muralists in Gualeguaychu, Entre Rios.

2006– “United Soul”, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

“United Soul”, Honorable Senate of the Nation.

“Caryatids” Living Art, Charity Foundation Acudena Spell Café (live painting).

2007– “Images of the Rivereside”, Conventillo Verde, La Boca, Buenos Aires.

“Metaphysical Spaces” – In Space (Palermo Soho) No estamos solas Gallery, Buenos Aires.

“Characters Barbarian and fantasies”, Baró Gallery.

2008– “parejArte”, Meijome Gallery, Buenos Aires.

“My women” (Gallery Opens New) La Imprenta, Buenos Aires. 

2009– Two exhibitions in Puerto Madero Night Gallery “Caryatids” in Addictive and “New Paradigms” (installation) Madero Center Shop. Erotic exhibition in Te matare Ramirez. No estamos solas Gallery.

“Vortex”, Borges Cultural Center.

2010– “Vortex”, Provincial Museum of Fine Arts Emilio Petorutti, La Plata and UNLA, Lanus, Buenos Aires.

2010/2011– “Small vortex”, La Imprenta Gallery, Buenos Aires. 

2011– “From the Vortex”, Nes Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Talk and live painting Madero Mystic Art-Week (Puerto Madero boat.)

Talk and live painting, Night of museums, Flea Market, Palermo, Buenos Aires. 

Mural painting, Jauretche University, Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires.

Conference and live painting Artvilo Raggio Museum, Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires.

2012– Painting live Latin American Cooperation Women in Business. CGRA woman Month

Live-painting in the Museum of Fine Arts School of Lanus, Buenos Aires.

“Bi-ceralidades. Latinoamércia Viva”, Us-Peruvian Cultural Center, Arequipa, Peru. (Conference to Art students)

2014– Paints live at Medicine Congress “Medicine … Humanism to Science and Art” (part of a round table: speaking of art as healing of the individual).

“Two + One” (special invited of Buenos Aires) Cordoba House in Buenos Aires.

“Cumplerótico”, erotic drawings in Te matare Ramirez, Buenos Aires.

“Combination: Shapes and lines” in Distal Art Recoleta. Curator: Nazli Kalayzi.

2015– “Future perceptions 0.5” Figurative abstractions – Abstract figurations, Raices Americanas Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2016– “Vortex and Future perceptions 0.5” (Drawings and paintings) Innova Space of Art, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

“Vortex and Future perceptions 0.5”, Museum of Fine Arts Pompeo Boggio, Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires.          

“Intangible spaces” Lucy Mattos Museum (Conference and live painting), Beccar, Buenos Aires.

2017– “Vortex and more” Sala Perez Celis, UNLam, Buenos Aires.

2018– “Fragmentations” (Drawings), invited in two rooms, Liliana Rodriguez Gallery, Buenos Aires.

“Mirta Narosky – Master, Contemporary Artist”, special guest of Brea Studio, Conference and live painting, Magazzino D’Arte – Plaza Canning, Canning, Buenos Aires.

2019– “SACH” Open studios, Chacarita, Buenos Aires.

1986/1987-Travels for a year where she teaches courses Europe (England and Italy) and Morocco, Egypt, Israel, India and Nepal, where it feeds the Oriental Art.

1996/1997– Is specially invited at national meetings of artists (Catamarca, Sgo. del Estero and Córdoba). 

2012– Convened by the Ministry of Industry to advise on Fine Arts for Business Round.

It is superior thesis professor in the School of Fine Arts in Lanús. She participates as a juror, lectures and roundtables part. She teaches at IUNA (University of Arts). Competition Jury teacher, drawing professor University of La Plata They have been numerous articles in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV around the country and abroad. Illustrated books and works are in numerous art books.

2014- Collaborates with art supplies – Your column Culture Magazine NCN (National Congress).

Her works: National Atomic Energy Commission, within the country museums, Museum of Modern Art in Cuzco, Chateau des Reaux (France) private collections in the country, Brazil, France, Italy, Cuba, Spain, Belgium and Israel.

Master and professor – Artist Mirta Narosky

Mail: [email protected]

Facebook: Mirta Narosky- Arte Contemporáneo