Drawing and Painting

Mirta Narosky – Master and professor in Fine Arts

* Creator of Thesis in the School of Fine Arts in Lanus ( final theme of career aimed at expanding creativity and experimentation in materials)

* More than 30 years of teaching experience in Art

* She has taught creative artists in Italy and England and provinces in addition to Buenos Aires.

It is a free workshop , group lessons in small groups , where everyone makes their way. Where you choose what you want to learn . Matte and coffee in between, in a group of caring and fun people, but total commitment to learning .

Academic drawing :

* All technical
* Human figure to background : Structure hands, head , etc. proportions
* Perspective background : view, experiential learning
* Chiaroscuro : All shading techniques


* All the techniques : oil, acrylic , watercolor , collage , mixed media .
* Discovery of the own image : Specific for finding a language techniques . Research creativity.
* Beginners and advanced : improving student and received Career Art, as self-taught ; respecting their personal paths.

Clinic works to artists:

Respectful analysis work of each artist , assessing the objective and conceptual shortcomings of its production. Individual and collective . A single visit or monthly monitoring