Blas Vidal. Text about my work “Fragmentations”

“…there are so many important exhibitions to visit that sometimes it happens to me when I was very young, I had the stubbornness not to miss a single one and I lost a few. The same now, I still did not go to see Turner…

I just walked around Liliana Rodriguez Gallery and I could appreciate the art works of Mirta Narosky, some time ago I wrote about her drawings at Raíces Americanas Gallery and I can observe her climatic coherence and her faculty for drawing, that is what interests me most. She risks her neck in the search for quasi-automatic situations in the interiors of her characters, she does it with audacity and visceral flight.

These drawings make up a series that hooks with those I mentioned earlier. I liked them a lot, they are risky and they hold a conceptual unity. I greet her from here. I specially liked “Cyber Colossus sad” and “Genesis beyond”, “Dimension with reflection” and “Cyber pregnant contemporaries cariatides”, with important measures 186 x 120 cm. Many successes Mirta Narosky!

Fernando Moreau. Text about my work “Fragmentations”

As for the Exhibition of Mirta Narosky, few artists may managed to unite in an Art work to style proposals of ways of working that seems absolutely different. The ones who intent, have the risk of showing to works at the same canvas. But Mirta endowed with a great technical knowledge and sensitivity, gets with absolutely success this challenge; combining her classical lineal expressionism like Bacon (just for explaining a context) with a surrealistic constructivism which refers to Escher and everything absolutely made with an exquisitive, original composition that shows her own subjectivity “very Narosky”.

Congratulations to the Gallery for exhibit a trully quality Art.

Catalogue text

Mirta Narosky shows us, in the opportunity, Art pieces running in the fragmentation puzzles. Times when vibration of very high frequency, in the way of an alternative and constant external energy, is accurately captured in an exact but unequal in beings who resist in a deep space and well provided helplessness.

The balance in them, must be refunded every moment with the promise of unity.

Fragmentation, not as an idea of fragility or breaking off but as constituent solution. The three dimensional spaces happens forging rhythms so determined as calm ones, in an atmosphere with always seems to prowl a fourth dimension.

The presence of remarkable and fecund strokes build forms and areas that, in a magic way, the illusory is stillness.

Suddenly, a small but tenacious human presence, bursts on huge surfaces so confused as heartless, and it does without the resignation of being and going.

If there is a constant in the Art work of Mirta Narosky, is that the first present colour is her visceral honesty.

Just an artist that immerse in the deepness of feeling with the eyes of heart deeply open, emerges proposing gestures full of spiritual and physical dignity.

Alejandro Caraduje – Art Restorer