“Expressionism” by Mirta Narosky

Here we are, trying to understand existence, searching out and not finding.
The society that we build of collective solutions, at least it tries. But the individual walks blindly fighting to be happy. An undoubtedly wrong course: gray, overwhelmed, circumspect faces roam the city solving their circumstance.
To them I am referring in this series. Those who seek to transcend the everyday and that even without Searching -their faces testifies to the desire to find the true meaning of life.

Critical text

Leon Ginsburg – Journalist – Poet

What a vital way to weaken the art piece with hormonal power, deep and fractious unconventional philosophy and message. She lacks style itching because it’s too free to be typecast in schools or styles, because she is the daughter of a cultural imprint without absolutes.
Mirta Narosky integrates suggestion with universality, with no more will than showing and commitment to the context to which she belongs. More than surprise, her art moves the identity of the person it penetrates  impossible not to do so in both  forms and color, telling exactly the warmth and originality of her personality quite social, but also unfailingly committed to a rich inner life.